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A Goto for Venice | International competition


Article 1 – Purpose

Marie Angliviel de la Beaumelle, Parisian, became in every respect Venetian on marrying a scion of the ancient Brandolini dʼAdda family. She found in the Lagoon, the opportunity to enrich her light and vivacious, crystal-clear and inquisitive personality in the magic world of glass. She created, one by one, devoting infinite care to the motives and colors. The glasses that are both original and fun in their intriguing simplicity. The glasses recall the earlier form of more popular containers for liquids, crafted out of other less refined materials such as earthenware or pewter. In short, Marie Brandolini reinvented and ennobled goti, the drinking glasses without stems, that craftsmen of Murano traditionally made for their own use from pieces of leftover glass, melted and re-blown at the end of each day. Marie Angliviel de la Beaumelle, after a long, hard-fought battle against cancer, died in the Spring of 2013.
For some years, she had been President of the Alliance Française of Venice, the Association that diffuses French culture all over the world. But at the same time, her creativity in art had always brought her close to the Glass Museum in Murano, the Fondazione Musei civici, and to those who, in Venice, study and diffuse the at of glass. It is a material, that with its unlimited processing potential, keeps on inspiring experimentation and innovation.
To commemorate Marie Angliviel de la Beaumelle Brandolini, and to promote hand made glass making, on an international level, which today is more than ever in danger of disappearing, the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, the Alliance Française of Venice, the Brandolini family, the Rosenberg family, David Landau, Promovetro are sponsoring the International Competition “Un Goto per Venezia”.
1.1 The Committee, composed of members of the Fondazione Musei civici di Venezia, the Alliance Française of Venice, the Brandolini, Rosenberg and Landau families, Promovetro, will present, on 22 March 2016, the Second International Competition “Un goto per Venezia”.

Article 2 Participants

2.1 The Competition is international and opened to anyone between 18 and 30 years.

Article 3 – Request to participate

3.1 Entry in the Competition is made by an online application at the following link Applicants must follow the given instructions.

3.2 Entry forms and the project designs must arrive before 31 August 2016, by means of the specific interface available at the link

Article 4 – Modalities
4.1 The designs must be unpublished and have never been entered in any competition.

4.2 The works will be executed solely in glass, using any variety of glass making.

Article 5 – Submission

5.1 Each participant may send one design only.

5.2 The access to the website gives the possibility to:

a. sign up in the competition by filling out the personal information application;
b. upload the project with attached a short description of artistic explications, reasons and

5.3. On the design a notice must be applied bearing exclusively the indication of the title of
the work. Signatures or other distinctive indications concerning the author do not have to
appear, under penalty of immediate exclusion from the Competition.

Article 6 – Evaluation of the projects

6.1 The submitted designs will first be examined by a Commission composed of the members of the sponsoring Committee, and venetian experts in glass making, meeting before the first alf of September 2016.

6.2 The evaluation criteria of the designs include: originality, proposed technique, overall aesthetic effect, compliance with the theme of the Competition.

6.3 The Commission will express the final evaluation of the submitted designs and then admitting them to the Competition of a maximum of ten objects. These will be crafted by the Master Glassworkers of Murano sponsored by Promovetro.

6.4 Designs not accepted remain the property of the designer.

6.5 The ten selected designs will be cataloged and available for review at the Library and Archive of the Glass Museum of Murano.

Article 7 – Exclusion criteria

Automatically barred from participation are:

7.1 Designs already entered in other Competitions or Exhibitions.

7.2 Designs executed on old or former drawings, or which, by some means, are already
known to the public.

7.3 Failure to observe the terms of presentation and submission conditions of this

Article 8 – Composition of the Jury and evaluation criteria

8.1 Members of the Jury are representatives of the sponsoring Committee and joined by international experts selected by the Commission.

8.2 This Jury will meet on 31 October 2016 for the evaluation of the ten works crafted by the Master Glassmakers of Murano and sponsored by Promovetro.

8.3 The evaluation criteria of the designs are: originality, proposed technique, overall aesthetic effect, compliance with the theme of the Competition.

8.4 The Jury is responsible for selecting, from the ten works, the top three finalists, from which the winner of “Un goto per Venezia 2016” will be chosen.

Article 9 – Specifications

9.1 The results of the Competition will be officially announced at a press conference and at an awards ceremony towards the end of November 2016, during which a charitable auction will open to receive bids to benefit the AIRC, the association for helping cancer research.

9.2 The creator of the winning design will be awarded a prize of € 2500.

9.3 The creator of the winning design, “Un goto per Venezia 2016”, will be allowed to produce an edition of the work that must bear an etched distinctive feature: “MB 2016”.

9.4 The creators of the two projects selected by the jury, together with the winner, will have the possibility of taking part to work experiences with the glass maker firms involved in the competition.

Article 10 – Exhibition

10.1 The Competition will show all ten designs with the relative works selected by the Commission in an exhibition scheduled in February 2017 at the Museo del Vetro. A catalogue of this exhibition will be published for the occasion.

10.2 The design and the work will be offered to the Museo del Vetro to be shown in the room dedicated to Marie Brandolini.

10.3 After the exposition the nine projects beaten at the charitable auction will be given to those who awarded.

10.4 The Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia is alone responsible for the selection of the place reserved for each work at its disposal as well as for insurance coverage.

10.5 The designs not selected will be deleted from the database.


Article 11 – Authorization, utilization and reproduction of the images – acceptation of the norms

11.1 The works presented may be photographed for the promotion and communication of the Competition to the press.

11.2 Participation in the Competition and the exhibition implies, for the aforesaid purpose, the participantʼs transfer of copyright ownership for the use of the image of the work and the unconditional acceptance of all the norms stipulated in the present rules.