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Glass Museum

EGE – European Glass Experience

With funding from the EU within the Program “Culture 2007-2013” to the project EGE – European Glass Experience, the artistic glass gets the recognition of intangible cultural heritage of Europe. Murano and Venice are at the heart of the European artistic glass production, thereby encouraging the revival of this important productive sector , through the involvement of young talents.

The project has the objective of promoting the art of glass at the European level and in particular :

promoting the mobility of young artists, giving them the opportunity to exhibit the works for their recognition in the international arena;

promoting a network of lovers of artistic glass (museums, foundations, collectors, specialists, etc.) to recognize in Europe the value of “glass sculptures”;

promoting intercultural dialogue through collaboration between artists from different cultures and sharing with the public their ability to create works of art with the glass ;

supporting the circulation of works of art made by glass, through the creation of an artistic itinerary of three exhibitions organized at three major glass museums in Europe on the theme “The European Glass Experience: Undiscovered potential” .

Two sections planned: for the first one will be chosen 40 original works, but already realized​​, and for the second one 20 other works will be chosen from a total of 80 sketches and that will be created by master glassmakers of Murano. At Riihimäki, between March and April 2014, you can admire 20 works of the first section, in addition to the 80 sketches, in Segovia on August 2014, the other 20 and the same sketches. The Glass Museum in Murano will host the exhibition in Spring 2015, which, in addition to these 40 works, will show also the 20 selected subjects of the second section of this notice.

Project Coordinator: City of Venice

Consorzio Promovetro Murano (IT), 
Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia – Museo del Vetro di Murano (IT), 
The Finnish Glass Museum (Riihimaki, FI), 
Fundación Centro Nacional del Vidrio (San Ildefonso, SP). 

Partner associati:
Muzeum Witrażu -Stained Glass Museum Kraków (PL), 
International Festival of Glass (UK), 
Smalands Museum – Sweden’s Museum of Glass (SV);