Museo del Vetro

Glass Museum



In 1861, thanks to the great work of Antonio Colleoni (1811-1855), then mayor of Murano, and the abbot Vincenzo Zanetti (1824-1883), scholar of glass art – that succeeded in getting aproved by the Municipal Deputation a project to establish an archive to collect all the evidence of history and life of the island – the Glass Museum was founded, located in the ancient Palazzo dei Vescovi in Torcello, Murano.

This important event is now being recalled – exactly 150 years later – with a major exhibition that traces the last century and a half of history, with nearly 200 works, including the most representative of the Museum’s collection, illustrative of the uniqueness of execution and the value of its creators. Together with these, works of the Biennial, unpublished creations of master glass-makers and factories, as well as new gifts that enrich the chapter of 20th century museum.

The exhibition was made possible with the support of the Confartigianato Venezia, thanks to the precious collaboration of the Seguso Gianni company, has contributed to the restoration of the crystal chandelier in the room on the north side of Museum, worked with the system of “investment” and the Consorzio Promovetro Murano, with the Marchio Vetro Artistico® Murano and the Confindustria di Venezia with the common goal of promoting and spreading the original and unique art glass from Murano.