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ANNA SKIBSKA. Metamorphoses of forms


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From May 31st to December 1st 2013 / EXTENDED TO JANUARY 31st 2014
Museo del Vetro Murano

Polish artist Anna Skibska likes to reveal the metamorphoses of forms, using glassmaking techniques in a masterly fashion.

Anna Skibska uses glass as the medium for a hidden process exploring the theme of transparency, as research for the determination of light or, better, of luminosity. Shaping the intangible mass of glass with the same ability as a sculptor, who removes rather than adds, digs rather than fills, the artist succeeds in creating imperceptible glass “meshes”, “geometric spiders’ webs” on which light falls and deposits, crystallising like dew on a winter’s morning, unveiling the Euclidean nature of crystals of frozen water.

Using a small acetylene torch, she ‘stretches’ glass rods, creating slender and transparent threads, that are then folded and joined to create ethereal, perfectly balanced sculptures. The results are “bunches of clouds” suspended in a space that becomes container and contained of the work. A play between the visible and invisible that leads to the essenceabsence of gravity and the lightness of her compositions.

Curated by Anna Skibska, Chiara Squarcina