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MARIO DEI ROSSI AND ANTONIO DEI ROSSI. The contemporary figurative murrine


The contemporary figurative murrine

From October 7th 2012 and January 6th 2013 / EXTENDED to January 27th 2013

The Glass Museum of Murano proceed with this exhibition the deepening of the complex dual topic of portraits and murrine. Keeping every exhibition a consequential perspective, the concept behind this exhibition is part of a fully-fledged in this analysis, reiterating a precise role of the Museum of Glass in the analytic universe of this particular matter.

The exhibition, dedicated to the works of Dei Rossi, enhances a peculiar aspect of the world of the Murano glass. Dei Rossi with this exhibition, in fact, present not only a historical production, but above all it reveals how contemporary art is in perfect harmony with the materiality of the glass.

Dei Rossi in this exhibition reveals how “murrine” can encompass a world of shapes and colors, and how these can be set through a complex technical process, as well as supported by amazing creativity and commitment to innovation inspired by the messages of other forms of art . For the Museum of Glass, then, this exhibition identifies a further step towards a continuous historical art technique of Murano glass.