Museo del Vetro

Glass Museum



From 21 April to 19 August 2018
Murano, Glass Museum

Curated by Chiara Squarcina


Coming from the passion of a great art enthusiast, namely the renowned New York collector Barry Friedman, this extraordinary collection of twentieth-century Murano glass works was donated in 2017 to The Venetian Heritage, to become a permanent part of the Murano Glass Museum, the perfect location for its maximum appreciation.

The 177 works that comprise the collection include glass designed by Bianconi, Buzzi, Nason, Poli, Scarpa and Zecchin, made in the most important and historic Murano’s factories, among them Seguso, Barovier and Toso, Cenedese, Salviati and Venini. This donation greatly expands the Murano Museum’s twentieth-century collection, which in addition to presenting its historical collections, aims to present and appraise current directions taken by local glassworks.

In this sense, the twentieth century appears to be the fundamental key to understanding contemporary times. The superb quality of the artefacts that constitute the extraordinary Friedman collection provides the opportunity to present to the public particular themes of great interest.

The focus for this first year will be to thoroughly review the roots of glass production by examining in depth the formal and stylistic evolution of twentieth-century creativity


In collaboration with The Venetian Heritage

Scientific coordination Gabriella Belli