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EGE. European Glass Experience 2015


European Glass Experience

from April 18 to June 7, 2015
Murano, Glass Museum


The international EGE – European Glass Experience project dedicated to contemporary art and glass, launched in 2013 with an international contest co-financed by the Cultural Programme of the European Commission, now reaches its central phase.

Many works were presented for the project by young artists aged between 18 and 40, and about 80 works and projects (studies or drawings) have been chosen from these by the jury coordinated by Cornelia Lauf, going to make up a travelling exhibition that has visited Finland and Spain, and will subsequently move to Poland, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

The works chosen reveal a growing generation of young artists working with glass. They come from different schools and cultures and originate not only from Europe, but also from Argentina, Japan, Israel, the United States and Turkey.

The exhibitions that have already taken place, at the Finnish Glass Museum in Riihimaki and the Fundación Centro Nacional del Vidrio in Segovia, each presented about 20 works and sketches; only the show at Murano will display all the winning works and, for the occasion, 20 of the projects chosen will actually be made in Murano glass by the island’s master craftsmen.

Download  EGE Workshop programme (26-30 May 2015, Real Sitio de la Granja de San Ildefonso, Spain) >>

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