Museo del Vetro

Glass Museum




From 07 September 2023 to 06 January 2024 *Exhibition extended to 21 April, 2024
Murano, Museo del Vetro
Room Nine (Room Brandolini)

Curated by Matteo Silverio


From 7 September 2023 to 6 January 2024, the Murano Glass Museum (Venice) will be hosting an exhibition that will break new ground by presenting approximately 40 pieces produced by the master glassmakers from the island using recycled industrial glass: a material with which they are not accustomed to working. The glass in question is made from secondary raw materials, in the shape of clear, colourless recycled glass that is totally different from the traditional Murano glass they normally use.

15 master glassmakers from companies licensed to display the Veneto Region’s Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark decided to take on the challenge and put themselves to the test in order to show that even waste glass can be used to make magnificent works of art embellished by the techniques – such as blowing, fusing and lampworking, as well as grinding and beating – that make the exceptional artisan creations from Murano totally unique.

The aim is to raise public awareness about recycling, sustainability and more mindful use of raw materials, with an exhibition design that has recreated a modern loft apartment inside the Brandolini Room.

The exhibition is curated by Matteo Silverio and promoted by Consorzio Promovetro Murano (which manages the Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark), the Veneto Region and the Venice and Rovigo Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Venice City Council, Fondazione MUVE, CoReVe – Consorzio Recupero Vetro, and Compagnia Energetica Italiana. It has been produced with the support of rehub and Veritas, with technical contributions from Effetre Murano, Favini, Morasco Insurance Brokers and Officina Pinzon.

Murano: Upcycling Glass is one of the initiatives that have been organized for The Venice Glass Week 2023, the international festival that has been taking place in the city since 2017. The exhibition is supporting the Sea the Change project, which seeks to protect the lagoon ecosystem.