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Inventions, hazards and closely-guarded secrets of a very special craft
A dynamic interactive visit, with a special briefcase containing real-life samples and other materials and each participant having an activity book. All of this enables them to understand the amazing history of a precious craft which, over the centuries, has involved a number of different civilisations – a story that combines technical know-how, trade secrets and what at times seems little short of magic. Thanks to collaboration with with ElleGi Glass it is possible to combine the visit to the museum with a tour around an actual Murano glass works, where you can see master craftsmen in action.).
Length: 2 hours, with glassworking demonstration 2 hours 30 minutes
Language: Italian, English, French, German
Recommended age for this activity: 7 to 14 years

Art In art: glass and pearls
The museum visit, proposed with the same dynamic and interactive characteristics as described above, does not end with the visit to the furnace, but takes advantage of an exhibition dedicated to an art in art, that of Murano pearls. These are made from glass rods and according to various techniques can produce different results: from the small “conterie” and the “rosetta” pearls invented in the fifteenth century to the “a lume” pearls with their infinite variations and decorations. After observing all this, the young participants will be able to “put their hands on” real Murano pearls in the same rooms as the exhibition and make a piece of jewellery to take home with them and wear, to give as a gift or simply keep as a souvenir of this experience. In so doing, they will taking with them a special piece of the city’s history, when skilled Venetian threaders of pearls (called “impiraresse”), used to sit outdoors with a box (the “sessola”) on their laps full of “conterie”, forming a characteristic scene in a smaller Venice that was full of life and locals…
Length: 2 hours 
Language: Italian, English, French, German
Recommended age for this activity: 6 to 12 years 


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