Museo del Vetro

Glass Museum

For Adults

Guided tours

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Glassmaking: an art and its history

The thousand-year craft of Venetian glass-making is recounted in a guided tour through the rooms of the new museum, which house some of the famous works that made, and continue to make, the city’s glass legendary throughout the world – not only for the technical skill of its craftsmen but also for the creativity of the artists and designers who have drawn inspiration from the huge potential of glass as a material. The visit to the museum combines a visual experience with the chance to actually touch some of the materials and instruments, gaining further insight into the “secrets” shared by the great master glassmakers. Furthermore, thanks to collaboration with ElleGi Glass, it is possible to see these craftsmen in action within in a Murano glassworks.

Length: 2 hours 30 minutes (with glassmaking demonstration); 2 hours (without demonstration)
Language: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German or Russian