Museo del Vetro

Glass Museum

FAREVETRO. Artistic creation and craft techniques in 100 different works.


VetroVetro brings together some eleven companies that produce solely on Murano: Anfora, DinoRosin Arte Studio, Effe, Formia, Galliano Ferro, Gino Cenedese, Simone e Giovanni Cenedese Murano, NasonMoretti, Nuova Biemmeci, S.a.l.i.r, Seguso Viro. Family concerns that have existed for generations now, each one of them looks upon itself as a guardian of the standards of quality associated with the island’s major craft industry.
Under chairman Giampaolo Seguso, the Association has the sole aim of promoting the Murano craft of glass-making. To this end, it works closely with the Glass Museum, home to works that chart the achievements of that craft over the centuries of its existence.

FareVetro is the first exhibition organised at the Museum as the result of this partnership. Coordinated by Silvio Fuso and open to the public from 29 May to 30 September 2008, the show brings together more than one hundred examples of the art of the glass-maker. Either created specially for the event or drawn from the ‘historical’ collections of the eleven companies concerned, these are a spectacular demonstration of how techniques and design have developed within full respect of the very specific language of glass. All produced on Murano, the exhibits illustrate the skill of the master craftsmen, showing how technical and aesthetic experimentation can go together. Some the fruit of collaboration with modern artists and designers, others a return to traditional forms, each piece reflects changing tastes and the variety of production within the island’s various factories.
The exhibition will be held in the various spaces of the museum: the garden, the monumental entrance hall and the piano nobile. In this latter space, the support of the Association has made it possible to reorganise the display layout in a single room (the work of Daniela Ferretti). This is a first step towards the complete refurbishment of the Museum in the future.

FareVetro is the first of the events which this partnership will make possible over the next five years. But VetroVetro is not solely concerned with the organisation of exhibitions.
It is also involved in the promotion of serious studies of the culture of glass making – from the ‘rereading’ of the history of the craft on Murano to an exploration of the possibilities for future development. Furthermore, the Association is also committed to its on-going relation with the Glass Museum, working to involve other local businesses in providing support for a facility that is the perfect expression of the island’s sense of community.