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FAREVETRO. Artistic creation and craft techniques in 100 different works.

Seguso Viro

Giampaolo Seguso is a member of a family that has been on Murano for the past six centuries. Son of the famous Archimede Seguso (1909-1999), he was born in Venice in 1942 and worked with his father for about 30 years. In 1993, his three sons founded Segusi Viro Murano. The aim was to produce glass objects that combined both past and present, exploring the roots of the craft to create works that had their own clear and original identity. This gave Giampaolo the opportunity to experiment with new artistic languages, expressing the full range of his creativity as a ‘poet in glass’. Inspired by Giampaolo’s approach, Seguso Viro sees its prime vocation as the making of glass. Striving constantly to achieve perfection of colour and technique, it produces creations that are not at the bidding of the market but rather take the market on their own terms. Since 2001 each design and creation has been produced in limited series of 101, each numbered and authenticated. The unique character of each piece thus underlines its exclusive bond with those who possess and appreciate them.