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FAREVETRO. Artistic creation and craft techniques in 100 different works.

Galliano Ferro

Vetreria Artistica Galliano Ferro was founded in 1955. The aim of its founder, Galliano Ferro, was to produce high-quality objects using techniques that were typical of Murano glass. The great harmony of form in the designs produced by Giorgio Ferro – rightly considered one of the greatest glass designers of twentieth-century Murano – would result in the company gradually focusing on the production of light fittings in which traditional methods are used to reinterpret form. This direction would be further confirmed when Giorgio’s son, Alvise, took over as Artistic Director of the company in 2001. Now headed by Paola and Lisa Ferro, the company still produces work in which the care dedicated to detail remains paramount. It is this which over the past 53 years has made Vetreria Artistica Galliano Ferro a recognised leader in the manufacture of light fittings that combine classic standards with exploration of new forms and colours.