Museo del Vetro

Glass Museum

FAREVETRO. Artistic creation and craft techniques in 100 different works.


Founded by the Nason brothers in 1925, the company specialised in the production of complete sets of tableware, combining the refined techniques of master glassmakers, a modern sense of form and an exploration of the possibilities of colour. These concerns meant that from the very beginning it was at the cutting-edge of artistic design. The Moretti family would only remain associated with the company up until the 1950s, but the company name – by then firmly established – was left unchanged. In 1955 Umberto Nason’s innovative designs for a range of twin-colour bowls and glasses would win the company the prestigious Golden Compass Award for Design. In the 60s, the second generation of the family became involved in the company, development going hand-in hand with continuing concern with experimentation. Since the 1990s the third generation has been at work in the company, with new collections focusing on modern design. Each piece is signed and numbered. Nason Moretto products are to be found in the MoMA in New York, in the Corning Museum of Glass and at the Dusseldorf Kunstmuseum.