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Gino Cenedese e figlio

Gino Cenedese (1907-1973) had already acquired rich experience working alongside various master glassmakers (including Giacomo Cappellin) when, in 1946, he founded what is now known as Gino Cendedese e Figlio together with such talents as Alfredo Barbini, Angelo Tosi, Gino Fort and Pietro Scaramal. In 1949 he became sole owner, and it was under his leadership that the company established its national and international reputation. On the one hand, its products covered the traditional range of Murano blown glass (plates, vases, bowls, wineglasses and lamps), on the other the company opened up to contemporary art, establishing close links with the artists of the period. Collaborating with these designers, it would exhibit at such important international events as the Venice Biennale and the Milan Triennale. In the 1950s the company worked regularly with the sculptor Napoleone Martuinuzzi, and then in the 1960s with Antonio Da Ros, with whom it developed new designs and techniques. The company would also produce important light-fittings and lamps, gaining important commissions throughout the world. After Gino’s death his son, Amelio, would continue working in close collaboration with the company’s master craftsmen, ultimately making Gino Cenedese e Figlio one of the major employers on the island.