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Dino Rosin Arte Studio

Dino Rosin Arte Studio has maintained the spirit and style to be found in the unmistakable glass sculpture that Loredano Rosin produced in the early 1960s. Loredano’s brother, Dino, trained alongside him, being involved in all stages of the process of glass-making, from the mixing of the initial paste to the ‘cold-working’ of the finished material. Having become established as an internationally-recognised artist in the medium, he would – after the intense sorrow caused by his brother’s death in 1991 – return to work with his son Diego and brother Mirco, setting up the new workshop in 1992. The distinctive features of the glass sculpture he produces are purity of materials, simplicity of form and technical experimentation. His works have been exhibited in numerous important museums and art galleries throughout the world, and for the past twenty years he has made annual visits to the USA to take part in training courses and demonstrations of his craft. One of the many claims to fame of the brothers Dino and Loredano Rosin is that they rediscovered the ‘alchemical’ process behind the making of calcedonio glass, which was first produced on Murano in the fifteen century but the secret of whose manufacture had been presumed lost for more than 150 years.