Museo del Vetro

Museo del Vetro

Archivio mostre


Glass Museum, Murano / Projects for a Room
7 October 2017 – 7 January 2018


NOTICE: on  closing day, Sunday 7 January 201,, the artist Markku Piri will be available in the museum to meet and guide visitors to discover the exhibition.

Finnish artist Markku Piri had designed for the Museo del Vetro works executed by Murano’s master glassmakers, with whom he has worked for many years. The dialogue between colours and forms reinterprets archaic and architectural ideas that have influenced Piri during his travels and his artistic and historical research.

Piri focuses on achieving aesthetic harmony by designing and creating his glassworks with the utmost attention to every tiniest detail in his desire to exalt the aesthetic potential of his chosen material.

The exhibition includes a special installation of a five-metre-long string of “giant beads”, while other works will contextualise the virtuoso Murano double filigree technique in a newly conceived form.


With the patronage of the Embassy of Finland in Rome


with the collaboration of the Honorary Consulate of Finland in Venice

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